1. The social survival training program.
2. Inter-generational dialogue and peer learning .
3. The MEMPROW Girls' Network.
4. Research,documentation and advocacy.
5. Counseling is fully integrated in all our activities.



The interegenerational mentoring and Gender Dialogue

Description As we wind up the 2016cycle we want to delve deeper in social etiquette just before our End of Year Dialogue Dinner. Venue:Green Valley Hotel  Time: 2: 30pm. Dress code: Diner Smart. Please confirm your presence for the end of year dialogue by sending an…


MEMPROW Social Survival Skills Training

Description MEMPROW’s social survival skills training programme  strengthens girls agency, voice and participation in school. The programme opens their minds to self discovery, assertion and improves their aspirations. In 2016 we trained 154 girls from Paidha Secondary school, Oturgang  and Italia Girls primary  schools in…


Impact Assessment Dialogue

MEMPROW  end of year  impact assessment dialogue will take place  on 3rd December 2016 at Green Valley Hotel. This dialogue is a feedback forum for sharing testimonials, stories of change and  the Impact of MEMPROW programmes to our stake holders.


MEMPROW Young Feminist Convening

Description MEMPROW is pleased to announce that it is organising the first MEMPROW Uganda Young Feminist Convening to take place January 28-31, 2013. The young women of MEMPROW have expressed a desire to hold a feminist forum for young women, ages 16-25, in order to…


MEMPROW Girls Week

Description MEMPROW GIRLS Week: Dedicating this year’s celebration to entrepreneurship development  Topic: “How can the young generation maintain high professional Ethical standards while managing businesses in Uganda?” Activities of the week will include: The MEMPROW Girls’ Walk. Charity Visits. End of year Intergenerational Mentoring and Gender Dialogue. Venue: TBC…