1. The social survival training program.
2. Inter-generational dialogue and peer learning .
3. The MEMPROW Girls' Network.
4. Research,documentation and advocacy.
5. Counseling is fully integrated in all our activities.


MEMPROW Young Feminist Convening


MEMPROW is pleased to announce that it is organising the first MEMPROW Uganda Young Feminist Convening to take place January 28-31, 2013. The young women of MEMPROW have expressed a desire to hold a feminist forum for young women, ages 16-25, in order to create a safe space for young feminists to debunk pervasive myths of what it means to be a feminist and to strengthen the movement of young feminists in Uganda. There has been limited access for young feminists to participate in mainstream feminist forums and as a result, MEMPROW found it necessary to create a space for young feminists to learn, mobilize, and connect.

MEMPROW will employ a participatory approach to the planning process to ensure that young women are both the organisers and participants of the Young Feminist Forum. The forum will unfold under the theme “Body, Mind and Soul” so that participants can explore how they can apply feminist ideas to every facet of their lives. We hope that you will join us in bringing together young women leaders from around Uganda to ensure the sustainability of the feminist movement in Uganda.

 Venue: Garuga Country Lake Resort

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