1. The social survival training program.
2. Inter-generational dialogue and peer learning .
3. The MEMPROW Girls' Network.
4. Research,documentation and advocacy.
5. Counseling is fully integrated in all our activities.




I didn’t know how to express my thoughts to the public before this training. I have been taught to look directly into the eyes of whomever I am addressing, in that way I will eliminate my fears and communicate my message easier. I also learnt that if a boy is disturbing you, be confident and say to him, “Despise me no more, I am not a mere woman, I am a woman of substance, I know my rights, I am a MEMPROW girl.” I have also become assertive, learnt how to project my voice”


“I have really learnt a lot from this training. I used to fear looking at my elders directly in their eyes when communicating because of my age and sex but today I am more confident in myself. I also used to believe that boys were a superior sex, but from the MEMPROW training I learnt that we are all equal and therefore should not be abused.”


“By being a MEMPROW girl I have learnt that girls are just as worthy as boys. Boys have an academic advantage because they stay focused in the classroom. We girls tend to become distracted or absent minded when the teacher is teaching. So, from this training I have learnt that we girls should exert more effort by staying clear minded and more attentive, in that way we will be able to perform just as well as the boys.

I have also come to know that, in order for me to perform well, I must concentrate on my books, I must revise, I must stay away from bad peer pressure and I should also have a good mind map for the day. My mind map will help me to stay focused and keep away from anything distractions.

I have also learnt to be strong and confident. I used to fear going for my meals at lunch time, but from the training I learnt not to be afraid. I will no longer hesitate. I will always be the first in line. I have also learnt to face a boy or a man who may harass me for sex. You will just say a very big NO and that person will start fearing you.”




The training has enabled me identify the social survivals skills that I need. As a personal weakness, I didn’t know how to handle some of the issues when I get annoyed. I could always follow my emotions of anger that could instruct me to slap or kick the person. People hated me for this, but through the training I have been helped to understand the nonviolent ways of dealing with anger, for example, I have learnt that it is better to approach the person who has annoyed me and we sort things out instead of acting with violence”.

I have also learnt the rights I am entitled to as a girl. I now know that I have the right to education, food, medical care. Therefore in case of abuse of my rights I will report to my local council chairperson or the police so that I can live a violent free life.

I have also learnt that my body is precious; it belongs to me and no one else. In the past boys used to refer to me as a second hand girl, but now I know myself and believe in myself as a first class.

I have gained confidence from the training; I used to be shy and feared to consult teachers. But now I feel I can and after this training I am going to try this out, because now I know that teachers are our parents in school and so I should talk to them about anything.”


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