Who are we

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The Mentoring and Empowerment Programme for Young Women (MEMPROW)  was set up to create space for building capacity of young women, (14 – 29 years) to engage more actively in leadership for transformation, and creating an environment based on respect for social justice and for women’s worth, women’s rights, and gender equality.  As a human rights feminist organisation for girls and young women across the African Region, MEMPROW’s overarching strategic approach is combining empowerment of girls with voice, agency, knowledge and skills with prevention of violence through transforming negative cultural norms and mind-sets. Our work focuses on transforming behaviour basing on human rights and feminist principle. MEMPROW’s end product is a MEMPROW Girl with voice, confidence and agency to challenge and transform patriarchy as the structural cause of violence, exclusion and discrimination against women.

We work towards building a generation of women who are informed, self-assured, and with agency to speak out against social inequalities and injustices. Through training, ongoing mentoring and counseling we aim at developing young women’s self -esteem and confidence as a means of enhancing their participation in education and increasing their leadership capacities.

What we Stand For

Our Mission

is to develop girls and young women’s leadership capacities and self-reliance through training and inter-generational mentoring; feminist movement and advocacy networks building; social analysis and research; as well as peer learning within institutions of learning and local communities.

Our Vision

is “a transformed, violence free society where young women and girls can claim their rights and achieve their aspirations.”