Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child – 11th October 2021

Girls are vibrant, full of power and have a great potential!

Cognisant of this reality, the Mentoring and Empowerment Programme for Young Women (MEMPROW) is committed to work towards ensuring that the girls’ power and potential is effectively and positively tapped, and utilized for their personal and community development.

This year we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child  at a time when the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the girls are glaring!

I recognise the girls that have continued with their education during these times. Yes, your efforts will yield great fruits. Teachers, leaders, parents and guardians who are supporting this process are applauded!

I also acknowledge girls who are pregnant and those who have produced  babies and are now referred to as Mothers –  a title usually given to females (women) who have given birth. In otherwords, once they give birth, adulthood is a given. “Mum”, “Mama” and “Mrs” are some of the titles that come with the reality. The age does not count! These girls are survivors of sexual violence. It is also know that many lives have been lost to defilement.



  • The number of girls who have become pregnant
  • The number of girls reporting defilement
  • The number of cases of defilement that have been followed up to conviction
  • The number of girls reporting to health centres for antenatal care
  • The number of girls seeking post-abortion care services
  • The number of girls lost as a result of abortion
  • The number of girls married off


  • The number of villages with displayed lists of men and boys who defiled girls
  • The number of perpertrators arrested and convicted
  • The number of child mothers supported to continue with their education
  • The number of health centres that are providing friendly Sexual Reproductive Health Services and information
  • The number of Community leaders who are naming and shaming perpertrators of Sexual Violence against girls and women in their community
  • Number of traditional leaders who are campaigning against negative cultural norms that condone sexual violence
  • Number of religious leaders campaigning against religious practices that condone sexual violence
  • Number of indiduals and centres in the community that offer Pyschosocial support to girls including survivors of sexual violence, to ensure their emotional wellbeing.

Stakeholders at all levels are called upon to create an environment that will enable all girls in their diversity to thrive.

In celebration of EVERY GIRL,


Immaculate Mukasa

Executive Director,



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