FAREWELL Message from Dr Tadria

MEMPROW Girls, Resource Team and Partners.

We met to part and we part to meet.

In 2008 when I set up MEMPROW and became the Founder Executive Director, my bigger dream was to see it, one day, managed by young women for young women.  I purposely looked out for young women to work in the organisation and I invested in mentoring them with a goal of handing over the leadership to them. Three years ago we started a leadership change management journey that culminated in change of guards on April1 2020 when I handed over to Ms. Immaculate Mukasa as the new Executive Director who in turn handed over Ms. Sarah Nakame as the new Programmes Director.

Then came COVID-19. The big handover celebration planned for me to say farewell face to face went up in smoke. I now find myself having to say good bye online, the new normal way of doing all manner of businesses.  MEMPROW Girls and Team, for the last 10 years you defined my purpose, joy, celebrations and disappoints. But together we made change and I am grateful to you for that.

The work is not done; I leave a team behind that holds the MEMPROW spirit, and a feminist organisation with a soul for the work to go. They are young, passionate and they know that they have to do the right thing right. I have the confidence to walk out because I know they have been mentored well, they are feminists.  My farewell wish is that you continue to Support and to travel the journey on the MEMPROW train with them. You are the ones who bring meaning to the work we do.

In the words of the great Frelimo leader, Samora Michel, ‘Aluta Continua‘  ‘the struggle continue’.

And in the popular saying from Zimbabwe, WE MEET TO PART AND WE PART TO MEET.

Dr. Hilda M. K. Tadria, Founder















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