Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development  (MGLSD) trains Parents of 82 Child Mothers on Parental guidelines.

MEMPROW with support from Girl First Fund, implements the project, ‘Ending Child Marriages and early Union’, this targets child mothers as its beneficiaries in Nebbi and Nyaraavur Sub counties. MEMPROW’s main objective is to ensure a free and safe environment for girls in the communities and homes. These child mothers have received trainings in  different areas including social survival skills, child rights, gender, entrepreneurship and savings. This was mainly to empower them both socially and economically. For emotional support, a group of psychosocial support members have been identified to support these girls in their daily lives. Some of these girls after these trainings are doing businesses, practicing agriculture and are doing savings to support their financial needs plus their children.

To achieve MEMPROW’s objectives, different stakeholders have been engaged to aid the work and make it successful. Amongst the stakeholders are the parents of victims of sexual violence. While MEMPROW engaged with the girls, one key factor that pushed the girls into early sex was parental negligence. Therefore to protect other girls and these victims from getting second pregnancies, it is necessary to engage their parents on how to parent well as per the “ Uganda National Parental Guidelines”  of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, so that they can take up the parenting role fully.

During the engagement with the parents, at least 63 parents out of the 82 parents of the child mothers attended as some of the parents attended for more than one child mothers which reduced the targeted number. The parents available were able to attain knowledge on parenting skills as per the MGLSD parenting guidelines.