Ajolorwoth Jovia

This Story was narrated by Jovia during an interview on Radio rainbow in Nebbi and it goes as below:

Before I got the second chance to return back to school, I used to feel lonely, rejected, helpless and lost hope. Whenever I saw my friends with whom I studied with in the same class, I would admire them and wished to go back to school. I missed school a lot and this kept me isolated from people.

In 2017, I used to go to Nebbi Junior School in P.6 but become pregnant so I had to drop out of school which turned my life around. Three years down the road, my aunt approached me and told me that a woman without education missed a lot of things; at that point she asked if I wanted to go back and complete my education if given a chance. I immediately accepted and took my child to my mother in the village. In 2020, I was back in another school, Afere primary school determined to achieve my aspiration in life. I joined P.6 and the teachers welcomed me well but understanding my story, they knew I needed support much as I was not being bullied by the pupils, I needed to gain my esteem back and study freely. It was then that teacher Lucy introduced me to MEMPROW girls club to start building my esteem and expressing myself in class. Joining this club has made a big difference in my life; I started to concentrate and know what I want in life hence focusing to achieve my aspiration in life. The teachers and the girls in the club are very supportive.

Jovia’s aunt thanked MEMPROW for accepting her daughter and allowing her share a story to motivate others girls, she believes the testimony she shared will strengthened her emotions. She added that her niece is now open with her and that the club gives her a strong support system to excel in school.

During the school visit conducted on the 26th April 2021, the Headmistress expressed gratitude to MEMPROW for giving Jovia a chance to express herself on air. She added that Jovia is a bright girl and as a school, they always put efforts in engaging her all the time in the schools activities to support her catch up. She expressed her fears of Jovia not returning to school post-Covid because schools were closed, but was amazed at her focus and energy when she returned. She has hope in her and believes she will complete her education.