Nyamungu Patricia

Am Nyamungu Patricia, female Ugandan aged 23yrs, an Accountant and a first born of 3 children.

Growing up, I was a shy and bitter child, I was always insecure about everything, I lacked self confidence and I always felt ugly and without friends. This was due to the fact that I studied in single sex schools and would come back for holidays and stay indoors because my parents are tough and didn’t allow me to go anywhere or have friends.

I joined MEMPROW in 2018, and ever since my life changed for the better, I have been privileged to attend a the series of trainings that include the Sexual Health and Reproductive Health, Peer mentoring, Feminist leadership and movement building, self awareness, and Counseling sessions. I was also a part of their internship program that enhanced my hands-on experience.

I have gained so much knowledge, this built my confidence and self esteem, and I can now talk to people freely. I have taken conversations on safe sex to the fellow youths in my community.  I am no longer the timid girl I used to be, I face everything positively and my mental state is stable. I entirely believe in myself and have friends now. Thank you MEMPROW for transforming thousands of girls out there like me, I’ll always be grateful and happy for being part of the great family.