MEMPROW’s programmes

MEMPROW’s establishment was premised on the awareness that patriarchal and oppressive societal dynamics create barriers to women’s full participation and enjoyment of their rights in all areas of life. The second reason for establishing MEMPROW was to bridge the credibility gap between older feminists and young women who usually perceive each as opposed rather than complementary in gender equality activism.  MEMPROW is filling these gaps with through her strategic objectives;

Capacity building programme for girls and young women

Social survival skills training programme; this is rich set of life skills package designed for in-school girls to build their capabilities for leadership, and to equip them with survival skills to navigate the unique challenges and pressures of our rapidly changing landscape. We organise these for girls in schools in Kampala, and the West Nile region. We do the same programme for child mothers (out of school) in the WestNile region

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Gender and human rights training for leaders and duty bearers

These are organised for our allies and stakeholder for prevention of violence, enabling proper mapping and reporting and for proper handling of cases of violence in order to build and foster violence free institutions and communities. Teachers, religious, cultural leaders, district local leaders, police, health workers and community members are the primary target for this programme.

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Personal and organisational management programme

MEMPROW works with individuals and organisations with “minority” populations to equip them for self-leadership and professionalism.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights programme

These are organised for girls and women to equip them and build their agency to make informed decisions on their sexual reproductive health and rights.


Together with regional and national partners, we demand for policy reforms, accountability and participate in activities that ensure that voices of our stakeholders are represented in spaces were key decisions are made including with government parastatals, Africa Union, and other regional bodies working towards gender equity

Movement building

Through feminist conversations and intergenerational mentoring and gender dialogues, we are the springboard for young feminists- we create safe space for girls and young women to learn about feminism and build their knowledge, activism to organise and build strong sisterhood that demand for freedom of all women.