Ayerango Patricia

The training has enabled me identify the social survivals skills that I need. As a personal weakness, I didn’t know how to handle some of the issues when I get annoyed. I could always follow my emotions of anger that could instruct me to slap or kick the person. People hated me for this, but through the training I have been helped to understand the nonviolent ways of dealing with anger, for example, I have learnt that it is better to approach the person who has annoyed me and we sort things out instead of acting with violence”.

I have also learnt the rights I am entitled to as a girl. I now know that I have the right to education, food, medical care. Therefore in case of abuse of my rights I will report to my local council chairperson or the police so that I can live a violent free life.

I have also learnt that my body is precious; it belongs to me and no one else. In the past boys used to refer to me as a second hand girl, but now I know myself and believe in myself as a first class.

I have gained confidence from the training; I used to be shy and feared to consult teachers. But now I feel I can and after this training I am going to try this out, because now I know that teachers are our parents in school and so I should talk to them about anything.”