Climate change has continued to threaten livelihood options and economic opportunities today, especially in rural communities where we work, as evidenced by extreme or harsh weather and low food production, thus exacerbating inequalities against women and girls

MEMPROW implemented several climate change adaptation and livelihood activities within refugee host communities, refugee communities, and also with young women in boosting their livelihood and economic opportunities under the Strategic Partnership Agreement 2 (SPAII) in 2022 with funding from Action Aid International Uganda (AAIU), with the goal of ensuring that young people, particularly women and those facing marginalization or fragility, have a just transition.

MEMPROW distributed over 5000 tree seedlings in Imvepi Refugee Camp in Terego and Arua District Local Government in 2022; trained 40 child mothers and 20 other young women in livelihoods and entrepreneurship who will be closely monitored by a mentor to ensure sustainability, movement building, and government opportunities; and see  for more insights on the interventions.

These steps matter to us because the world’s major challenges have been solved through the proper channeling of investments targeting women and girls. And now, as we face the gravest threat to our planet, we must mobilize our untapped resources, our resourcefulness, and the leadership of women and girls, who continue to constitute the majority of production labor, and thus make climate and environmental actions a deliberate move now through a collective right and shared responsibilities that allow everyone to have some level of agency over the decisions that affect their lives and the community at large.

Therefore, MEMPROW, as an organization that empowers women, to have Voice, Choice and Agency shall continue to elevate women and girls as change makers in their communities, engaging them in leading resilient, local, and righteous community-based climate change strategies to allow women and girls to make decisions on how to rightly lead and have a healthier planet, because climate justice is impossible without gender justice.