Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Accountable to: Executive Director, MEMPROW


Job Summary

The post holder will be responsible for all Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) at MEMPROW. She will be responsible for developing and driving the M&E plan at MEMPROW and will work closely with the Programmes Director, Programme Managers, Project Officers and partners in undertaking specific M&E projects and maintain an up to date M&E system, structure and database therein. The post holder will be based at MEMPROW Head office at Kampala.


As a key member of the team, to contribute towards the development and implementation of MEMPROW’s strategy. Including, but not limited to:
▪ Taking lead in M&E and programmes especially by providing :
o Quality assurance processes
o Development of baseline, performance and outcome tools

▪ In collaboration with MEMPROW leadership and working closely with the programme team, to establish priorities for the M&E and agree a programme of work

▪ Together with the team at MEMPROW, develop and regularly update performance management systems as well as M&E data base

▪ To assist and facilitate with M&E capacity development for MEMPROW and partners within the region of operation.

▪ To work with other staff and partners/ in the region of operation, on data collection and monitoring and evaluation of projects being conducted through MEMPROW using appropriate methodologies, in order to measure the impact of the service within the region.

▪ To participate in the analysis of data using appropriate computer-software or manual procedures.

To support development of MEMPROW’s ‘cutting edge’ initiatives including, but not limited to:

▪ To oversee and manage the M&E team at MEMPROW to ensure professional development in areas of M&E.
▪ Support the development, management and implementation of MEMPROW’s M&E plan.
▪ Participate in documenting of success stories as well as lessons learnt and organising learning days.
▪ Contribute to the development of the Annual work Plan, ensuring alignment with project strategy, agreement on annual targets and inclusion of M&E activities in the work plan.
▪ Engage in regular field visits to support implementation of projects and identify where adaptations might be needed.
▪ Prepare consolidated progress reports for projects management.

To disseminate best practices in a way that supports continuous capacity development of girls and young women for leadership and self-reliance, including, but not limited to:
▪ Support the compilation and dissemination of key learning information from MEMPROW
▪ Produce regular M&E reports and participate in the dissemination of relevant information/ findings from such reports to partners as appropriate.
▪ Support writing and publishing M&E information/ papers.
▪ Together with the MEMPROW team producing reports to donors in a timely manner
▪ Support the dissemination of MEMPROW tools and resources

To support the effective implementation of MEMPROW’s programmes
including, but not limited to:
▪ Promote the Mission Statement and organisational aims and values of MEMPROW and ensure that these are reflected within all areas of responsibility.
▪ Undertake other duties within MEMPROW as may be requested by the institutional leadership.


Review of Job Description: This job description may be reviewed from time to time in consultation with the post holder, to take account of the changing needs of MEMPROW.


Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

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