Tumuhaise Phionah

MEMPROW has continued advocating for young women’s rights and increased awareness on access and utilization of sexual and reproductive health rights. It has been a great opportunity for me to be a MEMPROW girl.  I have learnt and unlearnt most stereotypes that tend to be barriers to girls and women in engaging in public spheres that are political,  social, and economic.

As a gender specialist, MEMPROW has empowered me to see far beyond what I studied in class and how to put it into practice. It has enriched me with knowledge on how to advocate for women’s rights. Before I attended MEMPROW training, I had never thought of starting an organization but after the pieces of training, I was geared up, and my plans to start an organization to fight violence and discrimination against women are underway.

Through the MEMPROW platform, I was introduced to different women lead organizations such as FOWODE and Akina Mama Wa Afrika and these have been an opportunity for growth. I currently train female students at Makerere University on sexual harassment and use the knowledge accumulated from the different MEMPROW pieces of training.

Thank You MEMPROW for impacting individuals and communities, together we shall achieve gender justice.

I am proudly a MEMPROW associate

Tumuhaise Phionah, Makerere University