Myth Buster Camp

MEMPROW organised a 5-day myth buster camp from 7th to 11th Sept 2020 of 50 girls between the ages of 15-19. The objective of the mentoring session was for the girls to understand their self worth. The sessions included personal empowerment, understanding feminism, how to deal with peer pressure. In addition there were mental well being sessions and counselling for the girls who had traumatic past experiences.

The training also unpacked feminism for the young women and enabled them to unlearn the already existing beliefs and values. The sessions challenged the low status assigned to women in the community. As a result, the camp created a network of girls who are agents of change and able to claim their rights, status and exercise agency.  The trained girls will pass on knowledge and skills to other girls hence a network of a transformed young generation with a feminist mindset.

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